The Essence of Excellence

  • Improve personal performance at work and outside work
  • Learn how to make collaboration really work
  • Gain a new perspective on communication and decision making
  • Learn how to build better relationships and get more from others
  • Learn how to balance teams/ projects and business structures
  • Grow yourself and your business and achieve excellence

Did you know your behavioural style drives the way you lead, communicate, solve problems, manage staff and clients, sell, collaborate and manage time handle conflict and much more. If you don’t understand behavioural styles your performance still has much to give.

Join a practical day to learn how Behaviour drives you and your business

During the day you will learn

  • Your behavioural styles and how to improve performance in and out of work
  • How to recognise and understand other styles
  • The balance of high performing teams and projects
  • How to shift your style, be better at managing relationships to get results What MRI scanning tells us about behaviour and communication
  • How we get people to change
  • Why some people are good with Time, Clients, Problems, Conflict
  • How to improve collaboration
  • An understanding of the decision making process we all use
  • A plan to take away to help you utilise the learning

“First build the people then they will build the business”


CEO’s, Directors, Business Owners, Managers, Team and Project leaders, Sales teams, in fact anyone who wants to grow as an individual.

This interactive day will challenge and unsettle many attendees until the group dynamic helps everyone find and accept their styles. This is only achieved so powerfully in a group situation. By the end of the workshop you will be more confident about who you are, how to handle others, how to improve collaboration and how to better shape a business and teams. This is also a fun day for a reason. We will discuss practical ways in which these new skills can be used at work and at home.

Your investment will be only £185 (+VAT)

Should you wish to bring a number of people i.e. a team I am happy to offer a discount.

The workshop dates and venues














The venues are selected for Quality and room space, the ease of access and parking

Lunches will be light and refreshments, tea and coffee available throughout the day

Arrival is 9.30 am for Coffee and Tea before a 10.00am start (prompt)

We will close by 4.00pm

Venues are planned to be

Sandmartins Golf Club,
Finchampstead Road,
Wokingham, RG40 3RQ

Near Reading; junction 10 M4, junction 3 M3

Special events, just for your business to help build your teams or to provide a great meeting or conference event to remember.


as above designed to fit your business needs and run for your internal teams, the Workshop can be run with up to 100 participants or in smaller groups i.e. sales teams, departments, divisions. If required we can break the Workshop into a number of shorter sessions to fit around working day needs. These custom workshops often follow participation in an Open workshop.

In house workshops can provide the foundation to Culture programmes and change programmes as they provide a common language for employees.


An event based around the “essence of excellence” programme. This can be a 1 day session (around 6 hours) or split across 2 days. The workshop is very interactive, has a great deal of humour and will have participants talking and practising the new skills for fun as well as learning. The workshop will also focus on setting goals and targets for change and collaboration i.e. team plans, client management plans and Project plans. I can customise the programme to put emphasis on various functions i.e. sales. The workshop limit has been around 100 participants and rarely less than 20.